My LIttle Pony RPG



1. No harassment, cussing, etc.

2. Only members may advertise for another site

3. Your SSP (special somepony) must exist. You must ask the pony's owner if that character can be your character's SSP.

4. All members can roleplay ponies that are up for adoption. Ask an admin or me if you want to adopt a pony.

5. Your OCs cannot be alicorns or griffins unless given permission. Message me if you want to create an alicorn or griffin and I'll only create it if I agree it's okay. 

6. No power players. You know who you are. Your OCs must be fair and have about as many weaknesses as they have strengths. I will not create power played characters.

7. Do not roleplay fictional characters. All characters must exist on the site. You always have the option to create ponies to be put up for adoption if you don't want them forever. Maybe somebody else will want it!

8. No chatting off topic in any of the forums. Save side conversations for the Chat page. Try to check frequently for Chat page updates to be involved.

9. You must be an active member. Inactive members will have their characters put up for adoption and will be exiled from the site with a warning. To be an active member means to check the site at a weekly minimum.

10. Only admins and I can roleplay characters from the show such as Fluttershy, Lyra, Gilda, and Princess Luna.

Failure to follow the rules will result in being expelled from the site and all your characters will be put of for adoption.

Becoming an Administrator

Why you should try to be admin

Admins have the opportunity to edit the site as they please and create their characters straight onto the Ponies page. You can correct typos that might be driving you crazy and have the same freedoms as me.

How to become an admin

You must be an active administrator, which means visiting the site frequently and replying to forum posts. You must own at least ten characters and be trusted by me. You cannot have broken the rules even once. If you wish to be an admin, message me about it and I'll start a petition asking if other members agree that you can be an admin. If one member disagrees for a specific reason, then you will not become admin.

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How to Message Someone

1. Go to your inbox under your profile picture when you select your account above "Getting Started" on the Home page.

2. Select "Compose"

3. In the "To" box, type the name of the user you want to message and select their profile image.

4. In the "Subject" box, create a title for your message (ex: "admin", "create character", "question", etc.)

5. In the "Body" box, tell the user in detail what you want them to know.

Receiving Messages

Under your profile image (or under "mannage website" if admin), there should be an "inbox" option. If it has a number in parentheses next to it, that means you have  a new message; the number in parentheses is the number of unread messages you have.

1. Select "inbox" under your profile on the Home page.

2. Select a message highlighted in blue from the other user.

You can reply to their message or ignore it. When you're finished messaging, select "Back to Profile" and return to the Home page if you want.